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Study finds vaccine passports had little effect, while the mandate debate rages on

A new study has found that the controversial and short-lived vaccine passports introduced by the provinces in 2021 to boost vaccination coverage only increased the number of people with a first dose by less than one percentage point in Ontario and Quebec.

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I completely agree with the point of this article. My family is one that happily received the full range of vaccinations. However, the isolating measures introduced by the various governments have caused a lot of unintended consequences, such as loss of social skills among every age group, delayed educational development of our young, decaying downtown cores, demonization and criminalization of anyone who doesn’t agree with a particular view, …. I hope we have learned. Canadian society hasn’t yet recovered and may not if we don’t recognize that we went too far.

30th October 2023 at 8:09 am

I thought the purpose of the vaccine mandates was to allow for some relaxation of anti COVID measures, to let businesses to open up more, now that they had the ability to ensure that only vaccinated patrons entered the premises. You might think that’s “divisive” towards those that chose not to be vaccinated, but wouldn’t it be more divisive to keep all of society closed down to unvaccinated measures simply to serve the choices of a rare few? I don’t recall the purpose of the passports being to increase vaccination numbers. If someone was refusing to get vaccinated for their own safety, and that of their family and community, I doubt telling them they couldn’t go into a place of business was going to sway them.

30th October 2023 at 9:03 am

Now that we can look back at the pandemic with 20/20 clarity, and analyze the actions and effects of the government edicts and mandates , we can clearly see how the Liberals manipulated the people, bowed down to big pharma, and demonized people that didn’t agree with them. Typical Trudeau strategy for political gain, no matter the damage done to Canada.
We now know that the “vaccine” they touted would save us (they compared it to the small pox, measles vaccines) didn’t stop anyone from getting covid! Just got the insiders and big pharma rich.
When they realized that it was obvious that it didn’t keep people from getting covid they shifted the narrative to ” it will keep you from getting “as sick” “. Something that is totally unprovable!
We need to get rid of the Liberals asap and put someone in power that can lead with critical thinking, and act to bring people together again. Please, make me proud to be a Canadian again. I haven’t felt that way for years.

30th October 2023 at 9:50 am
Vi Larson

You have stated EXACTLY how I feel!! Thank you.

30th October 2023 at 5:11 pm
A. Chezzi

The pandemic showed us how interconnected we are. This virus spread rapidly over the globe and is still moving quickly, mutating and infecting thousands. There is a communal responsibility which overrides individual freedoms. Without a sense of community there are no freedoms. Thatcher lied when she said there is no such thing as society. It was just a way to enforce her ideology and sadly it is taken up by those who claim to be conservative. Conservatism is maintaining the best of the past while looking forward to the future. Today, among conservatives, there is a pernicious attitude among so called conservatives. Poilievre is leading the charge with his support of a bill which undermines the well being of society.

30th October 2023 at 9:22 am

If you don’t understand that COVID policy was 95% politics and 5% policy you weren’t paying attention. It was the first 5th generation political world war. It clearly demonstrated the intellectual capture of our health and educational institutions. Even a lay person reviewing the Phizer and Moderna trials in the fall of 2020 might wonder why out of the 70,000 participant there was only 1 death and the primary outcome of both trials was “symptoms”. The high risk groups, who would typically make up the vast majority of subjects in an efficacy trial, were around 4% of the study populations. These were marketing trials to estimate the adverse event rate and plan for litigation after the experimental shot was unleashed on the world. The author of this piece left out one group that balked at the mandates, those who are good at math. If there is one trait above all else that separates Liberals from Conservatives it’s that Conservatives tend to have much better basic math skills.

30th October 2023 at 9:45 am

I don’t undertand what it takes for people that we pay for and have elected to represent us to do thier jobs right!!! They all work for the big pharma not us!!! This is insane. It’s been proven over and over again the covid shots were ineffective and dangerous. Enough with bending over to the crooked big pharma. Do the right thing and give us back our freedom!

30th October 2023 at 9:12 am
Deborah Nixon

The purpose of the passports is to encourage people like me to go out and shop, dine, and go to movies. I was very appreciative of the passports and wouldn’t frequent establishments that didn’t demand it and didn’t check them. I didn’t want to sit in a restaurant with unvaccinated people, sit beside them in a movie. There was so much risk at that time and my wearing a mask wouldn’t protect me if they removed theirs and were unvaccinated. I was grateful for this and for the minority that chose not to get vaxxed, they could go elsewhere. The majority needed safety and comfort.

30th October 2023 at 12:01 pm
Better Laughy

With the health care system breaking down, why does no one mention the 4500 health care workers in BC who were fired because they wouldn’t get the shot? And why were truckers called heroes until close to the end, then suddenly vilified and unable to work because they wouldn’t get the shot?

30th October 2023 at 4:00 pm
Michael F

Has there been one successful legal challenge by the fringe right anti-vaxxer, anti-mandate movement about the legality of public health mandates? I hope Canadians remember well who supported and coddled these fools when the next election is called.

30th October 2023 at 12:00 pm
Gord Edwards

The stated intent of mandates as I recall it was to reduce transmission in society and specifically to manage the demands on hospitals. Encouraging uptake of vaccination, the focus of the study discussed, was no doubt part of the thinking involved. But I’d call it a secondary aim.

The real damage caused was to diminish trust in the discipline of science. Trust in science was declining before the pandemic. And a 2020 PEW report indicated that only around 35% of Canadians on the right and centre trusted scientists “a lot” compared to 74% of those on the left.

Science produces validated data and explanations for why things work the way they do. Those models allow scientists to predict what will likely happen if certain conditions occur – i.e. x% more interaction within the population will result in y% more infections and z% more hospital admissions.

But science makes no decisions regarding what to. That is the realm of politics (the total complex of relations between people living in society). Science doesn’t decide if mandates (or which mandates) are acceptable limitations on individual freedom, whether a certain number of companies going out of business due to lock downs is an acceptable trade off, whether working parents can manage online schooling, etc.

The scientists involved may well have defaulted to a safetyism approach in their recommendations. But it was politicians who ultimately made the decisions. It is good that politicians supported their heads of public health in public announcements. But I found too often politicians presented decisions as medical necessities (doctor’s orders) vice medically informed political decisions about how best to manage the effects of the pandemic within society. This, combined with certain politicians and many media outlets branding those who disagreed with mandates as anti-science, has diminished the credibility of scientists and the discipline of science in many segments of society. This will be to our detriment.

30th October 2023 at 6:19 pm
Harry Boessenkool


Regarding the COVID passports I saw an interesting set of graphs tracking mortality rates in 17 countries (but not Canada) and the information (if correct) was very interesting.

It was shown on the following website:

I realize you can do anything with numbers but taking them at face value they gave an interesting picture.

I received them because of my following comment: if the vaccines were effective and did what was promised they would have kept the mortality rate down from March 20, 2020 (the date it was declare a world problem by WHO) and today. If they were not effective the mortality rate should go up fairly dramatically.

If you look at the graph for Australia it is very interesting. Whether it is “fake data” I can not say but realize how difficult it is to believe anything..

I consider myself to be a high risk being over 78 but I am alive and well ( a cancer survivor no less) . But when I am on my death bed I do not want the government to tell me and my , wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that they I can not be at my side in my last hours. Which happened to thousands of Canadians.

Police and bureaucrats were policing that. With some relish I may add! We can never have that again.

30th October 2023 at 2:30 pm
Diana Sakellis

Vaccine Passports were never based on science, this was proven in th e Court Hearing for Peckford and Bernier . The hearing had Public Health saying under oath that the Masks and shots for travelling did not come from Public health, it came from PMO Office.
The shots did not prevent transmission, every censored ethical physician was saying this as NO Vaccine in the history of vaccines does this. We know from experience they do not prevent infection.
With the growing evidence of harm from these vaccines, once again kept out of legacy media , including children dropping dead shortly after having this injection, it is not reasonable they are even being considered to be given to anyone. With the Food and Drug act being changed in Canada to remove Safe and effective as part of the act, one must truly open their eyes and listen to these amazing doctors trying to save humanity. At this point I can’t understand how 1 person could even think of getting this poison

30th October 2023 at 10:58 am